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Here’s what our Executive Link members say about the program

Toby Holsted

"Without participating in the EL we would still be paralyzed by the enormity of our options and challenges. The board and the action plan process has helped us focus and move forward towards things that previously seemed impossible."
   ~Wendi Lankister, WY

Dillon and Kinsey Burrus

Jesse Chapman

"EL can sock you back on your heels, expose the real issues and give you the tools to build a successful ranch business."
   ~Kevin Brooke, MT

Kevin and Brandy Evans

Josh Adams

“Every Meeting you will get your money back from an idea that you get from someone.”
   ~Pearce Flournoy, California

Cam Gardner

"This was our first EL meeting. It was a positive experience. I felt very welcomed by our board. It really was amazing to transition so smoothly to jumping into their lives/businesses and letting them jump into ours. We are excited by the possibilities! It was encouraging to hear about the progress the businesses on our board have made."
   ~Tresa Garwood, NE

Glenn and Joy Barlow

“Ranching is a business and if you aren’t on the cutting edge you are falling behind. The Executive Link is our tool for staying competitive.”
   ~Dwight Maseberg, Nebraska

Robert and Jennifer Brosius

"Ranching for Profit gave us tools to evaluate our business. Executive Link gives us the education and support needed to use these tools to make strategic decisions and improve our bottom line."
   ~Kimberly and Brendan Beatty, MT

Trey and Julie Mitchell

“Executive Link gives me the support and accountability that’s necessary to get the things done that I need to do. It’s helped me do things I never thought I’d be able to do.”
   ~Charles Sydnor, North Carolina

Bart Story

"RFP School and EL was, by far, the best experience I have ever had to prepare me to think like a ranch manager and understand the basic principles/drivers of success, managing resources sustainably for profit."
   ~David Mannix, MT

Stacy Davies

We used to ask, “How can we afford to do this?” Now we constantly ask ourselves, “How could we afford not to?”
   ~Peggy Mannix, Montana

Pete Ferrell

"Taking the school and joining the EL is the most rewarding investment our family has ever made. Every dollar spent has been returned 50 times in hard currency and quality of life."
   ~Cam Gardner, Alberta

Mark Kossler

“Six minds that are focused for three days analyzing my business (in Executive Link) is a really powerful tool.”
   ~Paul Foley, Saskatchewan

Doug and Theresa Gillham

“If we hadn’t gone to Ranching For Profit School and the Executive Link today our business would probably be floundering and we might not be in Business.”
   ~Kathy DeForest, California

Mark Meyer

“I’m held accountable by my board and that keeps me moving forward.”
   ~Ted Alexander, Kansas

Cleve Witham

“A lot of things I’d thought about, when I got in Executive Link, people were already doing. You can pick their brain and shorten up your learning curve.”
   ~Aaron Albaugh, California












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