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Frequently Asked Questions about the Executive Link Program


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Should I wait to join so that I can implement some things first?
We don’t think so. The Executive Link is to help you implement your ideas successfully. You’ll avoid a lot of costly mistakes and unnecessary stress using the board’s experience and guidance.
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How is Executive Link organized?
Executive Link is organized in regional “chapters.” Each chapter consists of several peer advisory boards. Each board consists of 5 – 6 businesses.
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Where are the chapters located?
There are currently Executive Link programs in Africa, Australia and North America. There are three Executive Link chapters in North America, including:

  • Colorado Chapter (meets in Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  • Far West Chapter (meets in Boise, Idaho)
  • High Plains Chapter (meets in Billings, Montana)
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How often do the boards meet?
Each board meets three times each year. Each board meeting includes a continuing education program and board meetings.
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How long are the meetings?
The meetings are usually 2-1/2 days long.
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Are there other advantages of being in the Executive Link?
Definitely! In addition to the structured peer review and the outstanding, mind-expanding continuing education programs, we offer a benchmarking service, which objectively measures the economic and financial performance of ranch businesses. It is free to EL members.
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What does the Continuing Education Program consist of?
Each EL meeting includes a continuing education program. Occasionally outside speakers are invited to speak but most programs consist of interactive book reviews. The programs are intended to challenge members’ thinking.
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How much does the Executive Link cost?
Executive Link dues are $3,500 US per year. Membership is per business and up to 3 people from a business can attend any EL meeting.
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Can I join anytime?
The Executive Link normally accepts new members at the first meeting (winter meeting) of each year.  However, if there is room for another business on an existing board, new members may join at the summer or fall meeting.
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Do I receive any materials when I join?
Yes. New members are issued a “WOTB Tool Kit” consisting of:

  • An RMC Backpack.
  • File folders for notes on each board member’s business.
  • Files for other EL meeting materials (e.g. agendas, continuing education notes).
  • A laminated Executive Link Board Meeting Procedures “flip book” outlining board meeting procedures and showing the flip charts that board members should use for effective meetings.
  • A timer and calculator.
  • Masking tape, felt pens, a note pad and other meeting supplies.
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How are the meetings structured?
Each meeting consists of three “Rounds.” Boards use the first round to review the actions since the last meeting and create an agenda for the second round.

Round 2 discussions are intended to dig into the heart of issues, uncover problems, and develop options and share experiences and perspectives. Members use the third round to identify the specific actions they need to take before the next meeting. Facilitation is available to new boards to help them manage their board meetings. Facilitation is available to experienced boards on request.
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Is there support between meetings?
Yes. Most boards arrange conference calls to check one another’s progress between meetings. In addition, there is usually someone readily available at the RMC office to answer Executive Link members’ questions.
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Is there a refund policy?
There is no money-back guarantee for Executive Link, but a refund minus the registration deposit may be given in certain emergency situations. Please read our Refund Policy.
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